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PRODUCTS - Laser Scanners

Working with the best solution partners for laser scanning applications. Reach new levels with the new terrestrial 3D laser scanner, Z+F IMAGER® 5016 from Zoller and Frochlich or scan smaller objects with a mobile handheld system as Mantis Vision’s F6 Smart or go up above the clouds to cover larger areas with airborne LIDAR solutions from Geodetics Inc.

PRODUCTS - Software

Solvotek partnered up with various software companies to complement its scanner products. LFM Suite is the leading software solution in Industrial laser scanning applications. Clear Edge solutions speeds up the modelling process from laser scan data with their semi automatic workflows. Z+F Laser Control software gets the office work done smooth and easy.


The suite of services offered to our clients include 3D laser scanning, scan post-processing, as built surveys, 3D plant modeling, engineering, architectural and marine surveys and deformation analysis. We use close range scanners, terrestrial laser scanners and airborne solutions for the architectural, archeological, marine, industrial and civil projects

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