To manage your scan jobs efficiently


It is a unique software solution with complete workflow from data capturing to delivery. Different software packages are available for getting the ideal solution according to your needs.

Z+F LaserControl® Office and Scout are the optimal solution to work efficiently and fully with the laser scanners of Zoller + Fröhlich. A range of filters, measurement and registration tools enable a high differentiate processing of scan data and are the key to filter, register and color 3D point clouds. Thanks to the large selection of export formats provided by Z + F LaserControl®, data can be imported and further processed in all common 3D software applications.


Get started with your office work while you’re on the field and still scanning. Z+F Laser Control® Scout lets you do coloring, registration and filtering with the blue workflow during your fieldwork. The blue workflow® describes a series of optimized work steps for measuring and processing measured data. The focus is on flexibility, data security and efficiency. With Z+F LaserControl® Scout and the laser scanners Z+F IMAGER® 5010X and 5016, point clouds can be registered, checked, processed and evaluated in real time in the field.

In addition, the user immediately recognizes problems in the project through immediate visualization and can intervene directly on site.


Z+F LaserControl® Office provides extended functions for registration, additional data visualisation and project management tools. Both Cloud-to-Cloud and Plane-to-Plane registration (optional module) decrease the need for targets dramatically. Saving time in the field and in the office are the striking benefits of these future orientated registration tools. Furthermore fly throughs can be generated, simulated and saved.

The relocation of misplaced data with the mirror filter is the right tool to bring your point clouds to perfection. Finally the linktool offers you best usability for project management.

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