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SolvoTek Engineering is a surveying technology and services provider firm devoted exclusively to establish the use of advanced surveying methods through different disciplines.

We have an extensive knowledge about 3D Laser Scanning and all related post-processing technics. The company has been established in 2008 by two enthusiastic engineers with both technical and business backgrounds. SolvoTek’s core expertise is in conducting highly technical and demanding surveys.

Several services offered to our clients including 3D laser scanning, scan post-processing, as built surveys, 3D plant modeling, engineering and architectural surveys and CAD processing. SolvoTek’s goal is providing competitive and technical advantages for its customers through presenting complete solution sets and value added services as their business partner.

To provide the best 3D data solutions Solvotek is partnered with industry leaders such as Aveva, Zoller+Fröhlich GmbH, Geodetics, Paracosm, Mantis Vision, Weiss AG.

Solvotek has focused on developing effective solutions for different needs within its fields of expertise. In this sense, it has developed a robotic 3D measurement platform, supported by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and ITU, that reduces the risk of accidents in underground mining areas and industrial facilities, increases employee safety and collects fast and accurate field data. It also develops software and hardware for many subjects needed in the sectors.

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