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We offer you an entire


Each one of our skilled team members analyze every aspect of your project in detail to give you the best advice, technical expertise and excellent service.



We find unique solutions to solve complex situations and answer challenging tasks from laser scanning to deformation analysis in 3D.


We work with state-of-art technology manufacturers to provide you quality 3D laser scanning and engineering solutions.


We always think innovative and always in 3D! We see the not-seen and bring pieces together. We work hard and love challenging tasks!

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We deliver the products you need: Registered as-built 3D laser scan data, 3D CAD models, BIM models, 2D isometric drawings, architectural drawings, orthophotos, organic mesh models, P&ID diagrams, assembly and part drawings, ship hull and propeller models, tank calibration reports, deformation analysis, 3D inspection reports, UAV lidar data, DSM/DTM models and many more…

Our Work


When it comes to surveying industrial plants, oil refineries, steel mil and factories, acquiring highly accurate 3D scans needs experience and knowledge

3D laser scan projects in refineries are a prerequisite today before any revamp or new installation projects. 3D laser scan data can be used in clash detection or it can be converted to intelligent 3D models to serve the projects with much more information.


Solvotek has a long time expertise for architectural surveys using 3d laser scanning technology. We have worked in many different projects and have developed unique solution sets and know-how over the time.

3D asbuilt laser scanning documentation is the basis for RRR (asbuilt,restitution, restoration) projects. 3D point clouds, orthophotos, section, elevation and plan drawings, 3D models and animation videos are some of the solutions we provide for our customers.


BIM is a powerful tool for design projects. However asbuilt BIM is relatively a new and growing concept in projects. We develop our own methods and procedures to bridge the 3D laser scan technology and asbuilt BIM

We offer 3D laser scanning and modelling services for projects with different LOD needs. After acquiring 3D laser scan data, modeling process starts at the office with defining the project settings and LOD settings for different elements. Another team gathers attribute information from the customer and/or site. Team merges these data in the appropriate software.


Archeology requires good documentation and archiving.

Archeological theories relies on interpretation of all collected data during a project. Therefore documentation and archiving of data are the most important parts of an archaeological project.


In environments where large metal parts are processed it is almost impossible to talk about “bringing the design into
life” correctly

In the ship building industry, inaccurate build ups are very common and so there is always a mismatch between actual design and completed parts. Such problems usually end up with loosing precious time and of course money


This always needs to be taken in to consideration when preparing as built documentation or proceeding deformation inspection.

For this purpose we implemented surface deformation analysis which allows to set up deformation tolerance and investigate deformation map. Pick up deformation values directly on the deformation image and print it or simply save and share. You can also use this image for surface mesh texturing.


Airborne LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a proven technology for collecting fast and accurate data of earth surface using aerial vehicles.

The technology is based on long range laser scanner combined with GPS and inertial technology to create a 3D point cloud data.

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