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Ani is a medieval Armenian city now situated in Kars, Turkey which became a tourist attraction in the last years. Surp Prikitch Church is one of the few structures still standing at Ani. It was hit by a thunder storm in 1930 resulting half of the church to collapse and the other half standing. The architecture of the church is geometrically sophisticated, innovative, and well executed. Many of the exterior panels were decorative and surviving sections contain Armenian script that reveals details of the history of the church and the Ani settlement

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The archaeological zone of Ani was placed on World Monument Fund’s (WMF) inaugural watch list for many years. In 2011 and later in 2013 Solvotek was requested by WMF  to document the church and the fallen rocks, partnering with Cyark on the project where the agreement between WMF and the Turkish authorities to begin preliminary planning for fuller stabilization and protection of the church was established. The deliverables of the project were 3d models, scan data, orthophotos, 360 viewer, and some other visualization techniques.


Project Information on CyArk’s website

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