The Marmara Ereglisi BOTAŞ LNG Import Terminal was commissioned in line with  Turkey’s natural gas supply security and diversification policy on August 1st in 1994. Liquefied Natural Gas is imported to the terminal from Algeria and Nigeria. If required, spot LNG purchases from different countries can be made. The Imported LNG is stored, regasified and sent out to the main transmission system. The design capacity of the Terminal is 6 billion Nm3/year. There are 3 LNG storage tanks each has a capacity of 85.000 m3 with a total capacity of 255.000 m3 and a 300 m-long jetty where up to 40.000-130.000 m3-LNG carriers can berth. The Terminal has a maximum design capacity of 17 million Nm3/day.

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Solvotek was requested to scan all of the process units in the LNG terminal to be used as a base in 3D asbuilt modelling for the future expansion projects in the terminal.