The square Mosque with its single great dome and four slender minarets, dominates the skyline of the former Ottoman capital of Edirne. Sinan, the most famous of Ottoman architects in the 16th century, considered the complex, which includes madrasas (Islamic schools), a covered market, clock house, outer courtyard and library, to be his best work.

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Detailed documentation including the minaret interiors and all the pencilwork on the dome which is higher than 40m. Since Selimiye is a tourist attraction in Edirne, scanning without disturbing the crowd was a challange. Other challange was to scan inside of the minarets which is about 70 m long. Selimiye also has a very unique minaret design, 2 of the minarets had 3 set of stairs going up to the minaret without seeing each other. The design is like a DNA, this made the scanning even harder and challenging. Solvotek successfully finished the project and delivered sections, plans and elevations to the client.

These images are screenshots from 3D point cloud